Sean Cordeiro (1974-) and Claire Healy (1971-), Deceased Estate

Artists: Sean Cordeiro (1974-), Claire Healy (1971-)

Title: Deceased Estate

Date: 2004

Artbank, Sydney, Australia

EMu user since 1999

Deceased Estate Young international art stars Sean Cordeiro and  Claire Healy have been producing site specific works since 2001 and their practice often critiques the social use of private spaces.

Deceased Estate is an installation created from all of the detritus found in an abandoned four storey artist’s studio complex in Weil am Rhine, Germany. Cordeiro and Healy bound all the items together to form a giant ball, an approach they have taken on many occasions, including The Cordial Home Project (2003) in which an entire condemned house, along with wooden frame, flooring and roof, was stacked into one massive pile.

Healy and Cordeiro describe their collaborative practice as “focused upon the deconstruction of the sacred symbol [of] ‘the home’.” While the title Deceased Estate conjures visions of an inheritance, what is presented is in effect a giant ball of rubbish, in keeping with their practice of employing materials, vehicles and spaces that are no longer useful or have been abandoned.

Acknowledgements Photographer: Christian Schur