Unknown photographer, Entrance to Quadrangle, University of Melbourne

Artist: Unknown

Title: Entrance to Quadrangle, University of Melbourne (UMA/1/970)

Date: c.1910

Medium: photograph

The University of Melbourne Archives, Melbourne, Australia

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Entrance to QuadrangleEntrance to Quadrangle is significant for capturing on film the attendance of women at the University of Melbourne c.1910. The photo shows three women standing near the entrance to the cloisters, north wing of the Quadrangle.

While the University was established by legislation in 1853 it was not until minor reforms to legislation in 1881 that women were allowed to be admitted. This confirmed a decision previously made within the University after a long and bitter battle. At first women were confined to arts, the first woman graduate being Bella Guerin in 1883. Women were admitted to medicine in 1887, and by 1910 many women were enrolled in a number of faculties.