Junko Mori (1974-), #55 Silver Organism, Pinecone

Artist: Junko Mori 1974-

Title: #55 Silver Organism, Pinecone

Date: 2006

Medium: Forged fine silver

Manchester City Galleries, Manchester, UK

EMu user since 2000

december_small.jpgThis sculptural form in the shape of a hollow pinecone comprises individually forged components soldered together.

Each petal-shaped section has an undulating profile tapering to a rounded outer edge, the matt whitened silver surface contrasting with a polished silver tip. The components vary in size to create an organic-looking form, soldered together in loose layers, creating a rough dimpled internal cavity. 

Junko Mori’s intricate, organic forms are inspired by nature, growth and propagation. Her working method is similarly organic, and she builds up layers of pieces to create extraordinarily complex sculptures.

Following an undergraduate degree in design, Mori developed her technical skills by working as an assistant to a 70 year old welder. She has perfected a painstaking and rhythmic technique of forging or hammering each individual part before welding them together to create a finished work.

Acknowledgements: Image reproduced by kind permission of Junko Mori © Manchester City Galleries