Bundy Clock

Object name: Bundy Clock

Manufacturer: International Time Recording Company, Auburn, New York

Newcastle Regional Museum, Newcastle, Australia

EMu user since 2004


mayThe Bundy Clock, named for its inventor Willard L. Bundy, played a significant role in the lives of workers at the Honeysuckle Railway Workshops in Newcastle, just as the Honeysuckle Railway Workshops will play a significant role in 2009 as the new home of the Newcastle Regional Museum.

The International Time Recording Company Bundy Clock was one of three used to record the working hours of the employees at the Great Northern Railway Honeysuckle Goods Yard in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. On their arrival and departure from work the railway workers, who were responsible for the maintenance, construction and storage of the rolling stock and components of the GNR, would punch in their individual number with the Bundy clock’s revolving arm. Its manufacturer, the International Time Recording Company, Auburn, New York, operated from 1889 to 1914 and evolved to become one of the components of current world corporate giant, IBM.

The Great Northern Railway and its workshop facilities helped to establish Newcastle as the capital of the Hunter Region, which has a current population of 560,000. Newcastle was founded in 1797 as a convict outpost two hours north of Sydney. The city has been a centre for shipping, coal mining, steel, rail manufacture and wine production. Ringed by beaches, Newcastle remains one of the world’s busiest coal ports, with 95 million tonnes exported per year.