Faq generalEMu has been designed so that customisation is rarely needed. Virtually all changes are performed as configurations. This important distinction allows us to maintain a standard product line and easily deliver upgrades to clients that preserve their specific settings.

The EMu Catalogue module can be configured to suit the cataloguing requirements of the institution. An institution can specify fields, field labels, tab labels, vocabulary controls and screen layouts. We will configure the Catalogue as part of the implementation process. Future changes to Catalogue screens can be performed by us at an additional cost or by the institution if the EMu development license is purchased with training.

All EMu modules other than the Catalogue are standard and are not usually configured as part of an implementation. These standard modules have been designed to conform to the SPECTRUM standard and suit business practices of collections institutions the world over. Occasionally an institution will request a change to a standard module that would benefit all EMu clients. In this case, we will make the change available to all clients. There is a limited ability to customise standard modules by a process called "subclassing" where an institution has highly specific requirements. Please contact us for further information about subclassing.

The EMu Internet / Intranet interfaces can be configured to suit the institution's requirements and online presence. The scope of the work and the availability of web database developers at the institution will determine whether the work is performed by EMu or by the institution.

An institution can configure many features of EMu at any time, including:

  • Definitions of users and groups
  • Security permissions and privileges for users and groups
  • Field level permissions
  • Operational privileges
  • The display and order of tabs
  • Default values
  • Mandatory values
  • Field label for image contact sheet
  • Thesaurus and vocabulary control privileges
  • Adding and modifying reports
  • Uniqueness of fields

We provide an initial configuration of these values as part of implementation, based on the institution's instructions.