No. Texpress is an open systems DBMS. A proprietary DBMS does not conform to industry standards. The main industry standards for DBMS are SQL 92, XML and Internet interfaces. Structured Query Language ("SQL") is the industry standard language for interacting with DBMS. Extensible Markup Language ("XML") is the global standard that provides a generic means of interchanging data.

A proprietary DBMS typically supports few, if any, of these standards. This makes it very hard or impossible to interface or integrate the proprietary DBMS with other software systems e.g. an accounting package. It also makes it very hard or impossible to customise or enhance web interfaces to fit into an existing web site infrastructure.

Texpress supports the vast majority of the SQL 92 standard. Texpress has XML and PHP Internet interfaces. Texpress also has a client server applications programming interface ("API"). The Texpress TexaAPI server runs on Unix and Windows NT / 2000 servers. The Texpress API client libraries are available for Unix and Win32 platforms. These tools allow Texpress and EMu to be integrated and share data with other industry standard systems. They also allow the development of institution-specific customisations.